Perm Rod Wash Day (pic heavy)

Prepoo- Oil Mix and Suave Rosemary Mint Conditioner for 30 mins
Shampoo- Optimum Care Replenishing Shampoo
Deep Conditioner- Concoction (Motions CPR Conditioning Treatment, NTM Daily DC and honey) with steamer for 30 minutes
Leave-in- NTM Silk Touch

Styling Aids
Water and drop of serum in spray bottle
Nubian Heritage Styling Mousse (hold, but curls still bouncy)
Butterfly clips
2 different size combs
Tan and orange perm rods
***Lots of time and patience :-)

I was inspired to try these again. I haven't had much luck with them but summertime is go time for my curly styles. I won't give up on these because eventually I'll get the hang of them.

The great thing that I already know about rollersets is that usually placement doesn't matter.

Pre separation:

Post separation and styling:

Excuse awkward poses, I was trying to show my color in the sunlight. My color doesn't usually show with the flash.

Love, love, love the results. Just as I perfected the curlformer set, I am determined to make this a go-to set for myself. These curls will usually last a while. I post my perm rod styles next week.
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Enjoying My Senegalese Twists

I kept these in from 4/18-6/12. I thoroughly enjoyed them.

My hair is color-treated so I had to use two different hair colors. I used Kanekalon hair. It came out lovely, but I'd love to have it twisted all the way to the ends next time.

I ended up cutting it and thinning it because it was just too much hair for me. I work in a medical facility so most of the time it was in a mid-height ponytail.

Just a few random pics, lol

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Senegalese Twists

***LATE POST*** Saved, but forgot to publish.

Hello, everyone. I have been enjoying my short angled bob since 2.28.14. PIC BELOW.

April 18th, I had my first set of Senegalese twists installed. I have waited so long for these. My braider, Queeny is from New York. Found her on Craigslist awhile back. Instagram: Queenysbraiding. I have been waiting for her to move here since like November. I don't trust just anyone to braid my hair. Its such an investment. It's about time, money, quality and long-term protective style. That's why I'm so picky.

Queeny started @ 7a. She finished at 2:30p. The finishing details took maybe an hour and a half. I left her house around 4p. She is so detailed. She knotted each twist. Trimmed fly aways on each braid. She double dipped ends. I was very impressed.

I will post more pics as soon as it loosens up. I'm not touching this ponytail. I love it. I'm in a protective style challenge so my hair will be in braids of some sort for awhile. I am currently 14 weeks.

Also I know my faithful readers have heard me say this a many times, but I am not cutting my hair anymore. Lol. Seriously. I'm over the short styles. My gym time was affected because of the cut I had to keep it straight. It required more heat styling than I prefer. I'll buy a wig if I'm itching for a bob cut next time.
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I'm Back....

Hello everyone, I am back .I've missed you all. I am back and more motivated than ever. As you all know I cut my hair back to shoulder length in November. I still have the urge to cut it into a bob. I must say I am feeling the bob look on me and sew-ins are hit or miss. I am going to get it evened out next weekend, but that's it. I need to reach my goal length. I have made a few changes to my regimen that I believe will help me succeed. Not sure if I would consider them changes as they are the previous things I was doing before I became lazy and complacent. My hair grows no doubt about it, as I'm ready to cut it again. I just can't seem to keep the scissors out of it.

My plans:
*Purchased Pebco ProTools professional hair dryer- love it, the bell ding scared me, but no big deal.
*Purchased hair steamer- love it, though only used it once. Not sure how my hair should be under it or how long or how often to use it. I will figure it out.
*Stocked up on my staples- EVCO, EVOO, Sweet Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil, NTM DC, NTM Silk Touch Leave In, Motions CPR Conditioning Treatment
*Back to rollersets and other low manipulation styles
*Stretch no longer than 14weeks if not in a long-term protective style
*Trim when necessary
*Take my vitamins and amp up my water consumption


I Cut My Hair....

I couldn't believe it. I just couldn't take how thin the middle had gotten. Sure it was slowly catching up, but in the mean time I couldn't deal with the strings. I didn't even like wearing my hair out. I got my shears out. I did a great job in my opinion. I plan to get regular trims at least 3-4times a year until I get my ends in superb condition. My hair is my ultimate accessory. If my hair is looking rough I feel rough. Anyway, here's the pics...

It's crazy because as much as I like growing my hair out. I like the way I look with shorter hair. What do you ladies think?