Initial Thoughts: Hair Topic Lace Wig

Hair Topic Lace Wig- Mega Lace 107
$49.99 or less- local beauty supply
Dates: 11/2/2015 to present

Packaging: The wig was packaged in a nice box. It came with the typical instructions and heat-resistant information.

Sheen/ Texture: Natural, healthy-looking sheen. It has a  relaxed texture to it. Not synthetic in appearance at all.

Quality: Seems to be well constructed. I definitely feel like I got my money's worth.

Wearability: Medium density, neck length layered bob. It has lots of volume. The part is very realistic. I have fooled my close relatives with this wig. This is an every day wig that I literally, shake the layers sometimes, to give it a sexy, low-effort jazzy look. This wig required no extra manipulation to wear, except to cut the lace. I did this myself with the assistance of amazing Youtube gurus. Straight out of the box, it dazzles.

I wear this daily to work. The bangs are long and layered, I tuck it gently under the front part of the wig when I can't take it being on my face. I get so many compliments on this wig. I am stopped so many times a day to ask how I get my hair like this, can "I touch it?", that cut is banging, etc. I also get those hater-type women who instead of just giving a compliment have to know if it's mine, asking people close to me if it's my hair. I can't believe that, lol.
This was definitely, a pleasant surprise for me.

I have worn her daily for 4 weeks, now. It is only now beginning to shed. I take it off nightly. Brush with paddle brush, as needed. Finger comb, mostly.

I have learned from my previous wig regimen. I am using a more moisturizing wig spray and I take my braids down every two weeks. I apply oil to my scalp once a week and massage. I switch up the three to four braid patterns I do under my wig every 2-3weeks. I am extremely gentle with the combs. I trimmed my ends prior to beginning my wig regimen.


New Look!!

So this year, I am in the midst of protective styling the right way, last year I kept my hair hidden, but mainly out of my mind as well. I have teamed up with my stylist to figure out how to salvage my hair. I am contemplating transitioning due to my hair thinning in spots, but I need to figure out if it's from neglect or genetics.

I had this hair installed March 13th. It is beauty supply hair. I may purchase a few fancy bundles next time, depends on how much I like this sew in. I purchased 1B 10" and 12". I also purchased a color to add a little pop.

I washed and conditioned my hair prior to install. The stylist used braiding hair as she braided up my hair to help fortify the braids for several reasons. The extension hair was then sewn on. It wasn't tight at all, snug but not uncomfortable. She states that I should come back every three weeks and not every two weeks so as not to loosen up the install. I will use my own discretion because I work out.

Sensationnel Premium Now Human Hair 1B 10" & 12" Straight
Single weft for bangs color 30, wanted 33, but couldn't find it.
I am very pleased with her work. I will definitely be going back for another install this summer prior to my vacation. Something loose and wavy because I plan to have fun in the sun and I don't want to be bothered with straight hair. I love my hair curly in the summer easy to camouflage roots with the heat and humidity.

Night-time routine so far, I use flexi-rods at night and tight down with scarf. It took some getting used to sleeping in them, but I sleep just fine now. I try not to apply anything to my leave out just yet, but still pretty fresh so we'll see. I just don't want it to get oily.

This is my first legit sew-in so if there are any blending suggestions and leave-out tips feel free to leave them. I am also watching YouTube videos to get ideas.


Nail Polish Fanatic

Hello, ladies!!!! It's been awhile. I am back and settled and I have so many things to share with you all.

Most do not know this about me, but I am a nail fanatic. Am I so great that I share pics and have tutorials, no. I just love polishing my nails even though I vehemently deny that I am a girly-girl. I like to think of myself as a tomboy that loves to maintain my cuteness, LOL.

This is my nail polish rack. I purchased it off Amazon for ~$30. Shipping was pretty quick. It stores 96 standard size bottle. It was fairly easy to assemble. It comes already assembled, packaged in stiff styrofoam. I literally drilled the holes in the wall, inserted anchor and screws that were included and proceeded to hang it up. It also comes with a Nail Polish Station sign, but I chose not to use it as it would've required more holes in the wall.

I have so many different size bottles and I am certain there are more than that. This is so helpful with my polish addiction. I WAS SO TIRED OF DIGGING AND SEARCHING FOR A SPECIFIC COLOR THAT I HAD IN MIND. ANYONE ELSE FEEL THE SAME WAY? I have realized that 1) I do not NEED anymore nail polish and 2) that I haven't even used some of these. I can not wait to go through my polish rack to create so many cute mani/ pedi combos. I stare at it all the time in awe.

I also purchased the polish remover pump you see at the nail salon and two smaller 3-4 tier racks (36-60 bottles) for my mom and sister so they can enjoy their smaller, but still awesome polish collections. I have nail jewels and  decals on the way. I am all about beauty on a budget!!  This is my year to pamper me. My kids are all set with their wants, it's Mommy time!
Believe it or not I am not a fan of pink, or so I tell myself


I am not an expensive buyer. I am frugal when it comes to beauty and accessories. I use dollar store brands, but layer them with quality top coats and bases. I rarely pay full price for nail polish. I "clearance" dive usually, except for Sinful Colors, it's always $1.99 per bottle. Sinful Colors can be found at Walgreen's and I love the way it wears and the interesting color selection.

The hardest part now is deciding which color I will wear next  :-) .......


NAILS: L.A. Colors Candy Sprinkles

Please excuse me, I am going through a nail polish phase. I can't seem to get enough of pink polish. It started with a compliment from a 'friend' about how they like to see me in pink, lol. I ran with it.

This pink is kind of weird, a tad immature for my age, but I bought it anyway. It's growing on me, but my immediate reaction was this should be called 'vomit pink'.

The reaction from most is that it reminds them of cupcakes with sprinkles lol, hence the perfectly appropriate name.

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Week Old Gel-ly Manicure

This is why I take the extra time to do Gel-ly manicures. I get way less chipping throughout the week. I change my polish weekly usually. They seem to last as long as a salon gel manicure in my opinion.

I love them because I can use cheapie polishes and still obtain lasting results. I work in the medical field so my hands are always being washed or in clear view, yet I can't get artficial nails. This has been working for me perfectly.

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