As I sit here steaming.......LITERALLY! Post Relaxer Regimen

I just thought I share my post relaxer regimen.Nothing special.
I applied my prepoo of conditioner and oils. I will not use this combo( HE LTR w/ oils) again. Tresemme and VO5 until forever. I make sure to neutralize my hair again. I leave my ORS Creamy Aloe Shampoo in for 3 minutes. I rinse and do a quick shampoo and rinse. I do not scrub, I massage. Then, I proceed to saturate my hair with UltraSheen Duo Tex protein conditioner and add a quarter size amount of Motions CPR Reconstructor. Now, I don't know why but the Duo Tex works so much better for me than the Reconstructor so I put them together. I won't be replacing Motions CPR Reconstructor. I detangled with a wide-tooth comb, which isn't even the right word. There weren't any tangles. My hair was just glistening. I rinsed that out after 10 mins under the dryer. I then added my Kenra MC. Now, I can't be very specific, but I have a feeling this is good stuff. I had other products and reasons as to why my hair will come out the way it will, so I will evaluate my Kenra during a normal wash day. I applied it focusing on ends. I then put on my 2 turbies/2caps for my diy-er steam treatment.I do this weekly no matter the regimen with protein or moisturizing conditioners. I do for 15mins-1hr depending on how I feel. No need to tell you how it turned out. Steaming your hair can turn a hair frown upside down! (Corny, I know :)

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