End of HHJ Obsession/ Devotion

I've considered so many other areas of my life that could use this devotion. This is my goal deadline. I will have to purge all of my unused products and devote my time an energy to the betterment of another area of my life. MBL is my ultimate goal, but I have no idea where my hair will be come December 31, 2013. That will be five years of being hair obsessed.

PJ Recovery

PJ Recovery-Current Product List

Currently in PJ Rehab my regimen stays the same but my products rotate due to using them up. Check out product reviews section for more info. I do pj inventories, as well feel free to ask questions.

Prepoo- CocoMix/Castor Oil and cheapie cowash conditioner
Instant/ Cowash Conditioner- Suave Naturals, Tresemme, etc (using up stash to get back to staple cowash)
Shampoo- ORS Creamy Aloe(clarify), ORS Uplifting Shampoo and/or CHI Infra Shampoo(weekly)
DC- NTM Daily DC
Light Protein- Motions CPR Conditioning Treatment
Heavy Protein-None(see above)
LeaveIns- Cantu Shea Butter Leave In
Serum- FX Silk Drops
Heat Protectants- see above leave-in's
Moisturizer- Elasta QP Mango Butter & Olive Oil
Final Rinse- Roux Porosity Control Corrector and Conditioner
Sealing Oil- CocoMix (EVCO, HHCO , Tea Tree, Shea Butter, Carrot and Cocoa Butter oils)
I can't wait to use up all of my products and get back to my staples. I am slowly using them up. Perhaps, a blog sale in the future....who knows.

Changed Braids

I changed my braid pattern to a beehive braid. My crown is not as long as the rest of my hair so I had my mother braid it like this so the top will stay neat and minimize breakage when doing this pattern or taking it down.

I was too lazy to get up and take pic, but I'm sure you get the picture. I already prefer this braid when oiling my scalp and scalp massages.

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Southern Girl said...

Are you wearing it out or are you tucking it under a wig or scarf?

LaQT/ Ty said...

Hi, Southern Girl. I wear it underneath a wig cap and wig.

Neisha Jo said...

Yes, beehive makes a BIG difference. I had a sew in with cornrows going straight back...no ma'am! It was hard to even scratch my scalp! That's why I took it down in a week. At least that's my excuse :)


LaQT/ Ty said...

Hi, Neisha Jo. Thanks for commenting. Yes it has made a huge difference. My scalp feels like its breathing. I was able to give myself a thorough scalp massage. Its keeping my crown and bangs protected. My nape isn't being pulled like when I had to tuck ends and pin them up. I'm happy. This is definitely my braid pattern from here on out.

Pertinent Info About My Hair

Fine Hair
Prefers lye relaxers
Prefers spray leave-ins
Cream leave-ins are normally moisturizers
Goal length: MBL-WL

2/28/2008- Beginning of HHJ
10/25/2009-Hair snipped from APL to SL after a sew in setback
8/2010 -APL
8/2010 Highlights!!!
11/6/2010- Relax and Trim after 12 wk stretch
2/9/2011- Relax, no trim Soft & Beautiful No-Lye Relaxer(self-relax)
4/16/2011- Relax, no trim Soft & Beautiful No- Lye Relaxer(self-relax)
6/7/2011- Relax and cut to NL/SL (professionally)
8/27/2011-10/28/2011- Microbraids
11/12/2011- to present Microbraids
12/30/2011- Relaxed and set to grow!!!!
3/2012- Relax and trim- salon
4/2012- Color service then 2 weeks later second color added on top
6/2012- Relax no trim with African Pride no-lye
9/15/2012- Relax, no trim Optimum Salon Care no-lye relaxer

Current Regimen

AS OF 1/1/2013
Relax Every 10-16 weeks
Trim - Every 6-12 months
Prepoo- Oil
Shampoo- ORS Creamy Aloe (to clarify) and/or CHI Infra
Shampoo (weekly)
DC- NTM Daily DC
Protein- Motions CPR Conditioning Treatment(light) or Joico KPAK Deep Penetrating Reconstructor (heavy)
Leave-Ins- Aphogee Green Tea & Keratin Spray

12/15/2012- 12/31/2013
Currently in sew in challenge. I wash every 3 weeks. M&S 2x/wk and oil scalp 2-3x/wk. I GHE after M&S or scalp oil massage. I braid hair under wigs. I am keeping it simple to get to goal length.

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