Changed Braids

I changed my braid pattern to a beehive braid. My crown is not as long as the rest of my hair so I had my mother braid it like this so the top will stay neat and minimize breakage when doing this pattern or taking it down.

I was too lazy to get up and take pic, but I'm sure you get the picture. I already prefer this braid when oiling my scalp and scalp massages.

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Southern Girl said...

Are you wearing it out or are you tucking it under a wig or scarf?

LaQT/ Ty said...

Hi, Southern Girl. I wear it underneath a wig cap and wig.

Neisha Jo said...

Yes, beehive makes a BIG difference. I had a sew in with cornrows going straight back...no ma'am! It was hard to even scratch my scalp! That's why I took it down in a week. At least that's my excuse :)


LaQT/ Ty said...

Hi, Neisha Jo. Thanks for commenting. Yes it has made a huge difference. My scalp feels like its breathing. I was able to give myself a thorough scalp massage. Its keeping my crown and bangs protected. My nape isn't being pulled like when I had to tuck ends and pin them up. I'm happy. This is definitely my braid pattern from here on out.